Pamela Goings’s New Book Adventures of Sky and Ducky

Pamela Goings’s New Book Adventures of Sky and Ducky

Pfafftown, NC, April 16, 2024 — Fulton Books author Pamela Goings, a loving mother and grandmother as well as a writer, teacher, and speaker who loves Jesus, has completed her most recent book, “Adventures of Sky and Ducky: The Big Woods”: a delightful tale that centers around a young boy and his best friend, a stuffed duck, as they head off on an exciting adventure into the woods, only to find themselves lost and unsure of how to get back home before lunchtime.

Pamela writes, “Sky, a little boy with a big imagination, and Ducky, his best friend and constant companion, find themselves chasing adventure between morning and nap time. It’s a bedtime story of adventure and fearlessness!”

Published by Fulton Books, Pamela Goings’s book is inspired by the author’s grandson, Skyler, and will take readers of all ages on a thrilling journey as they follow Sky and Ducky as they attempt to find their way out of the woods and return home before it grows dark. Accompanied by colorful artwork to help bring Pamela’s story to life, “Adventures of Sky and Ducky: The Big Woods” is sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of young readers, inspiring them to dream big and find their own adventures in life.

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