M.A. Cummings’s newly released America the Grammar

New York, NY, April 17, 2024 — The effective use of grammar in written and spoken form is a core factor in improving any person’s ability to communicate – and it’s essential to fixing what ails American public discourse, according to the author or a new book out now from Christian Faith Publishing.

In author M.A. Cummings’ new “America the Grammar: Improve Your Communication In Any Situation,” the author makes the point that the core of any person’s ability to make an argument lies in how well they can master and control their own words, and how those words fit together to make cogent, logical arguments. The failure of effective arguments are impacting how Americans debate the essential issues of the day.

“The problem is that our education system has failed to give students the skills to adequately convey a given message,” said Cummings, a sales and marketing executive from Littleton, Colorado. “That failure is leading to a whole host of issues that are impacting public life in America.”

Cummings argues that Americans, now absorbed by mobile technology and language-limiting social media, are not engaging in the full power of the “American language.”

“Challenging the modern medium people are using isn’t the point,” said Cummings. “It’s improving the message that matters. If you don’t know the language you cannot get your message across.”

The new book provides guideposts for the proper use of grammar because everyone eventually has to write and make arguments in long form and needs a modern resource to help.

“If a person does not know how to write and speak with the fully effective set of tools that our language gives us, their ability to engage in arguments diminishes and gives power to those who do,” said Cummings, a husband and father of three who wrote the book for his daughters to help arm them for the world they will inherit.

Cummings says that “America the Grammar: Improve Your Communication In Any Situation” is a modern upgrade to the classic grammar manual “The Elements of Style” by William Strunk and E.B. White which was first published in 1919.

“America the Grammar: Improve Your Communication In Any Situation” uses the same simple but powerful instruction on improving grammar and usage with modern updates and examples.

“I turned to American history and our nation’s great rhetorical tradition from our Judeo- Christian value system as examples to illustrate this book,” said Cummings.

“We have to learn to recapture our language because it is a necessary and powerful requirement to succeed,” said Cummings.

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