Linda Grace’s Book Rescue Plan for the Lost Planet Volume 1

Linda Grace’s Book Rescue Plan for the Lost Planet Volume 1

New York, NY, April 03, 2024 — Fulton Books author Linda Grace, a retired lifelong learner who lives in rural Pennsylvania with her adopted rescue cat, Annie, has completed her most recent book, “Rescue Plan for the Lost Planet: Volume 1”: a compelling look at the history of the planet Earth, the chaos affecting modern society, and the plan that has been put into motion in order to save Earth from its current situation and possible spiritual destruction.

Before retirement, author Linda Grace was a Montessori educator working with elementary-aged children. Since retirement, she has focused on learning about herbs and organic gardening and, in her spare time, she researches and writes about various topics. Linda has written several children’s books, but “Rescue Plan for the Lost Planet” is her first book produced for a more mature audience.

“Rescue Plan for the Lost Planet” provides the reader with a commonsense approach to understanding the Earth’s past, present, and future history. Discover, through the use of historical quotations from one of the world’s most published authors, how Earth became the lost planet of the universe and how a plan has been implemented to rescue it from its current situation.

“The great controversy has been repeated in secular history over and over again, although most historians don’t recognize historical events as events in a spiritual battle,” writes Linda. “The purpose of this publication is to help the reader comprehend the factors which helped to shape the great controversy being played out today by looking at our earth’s history from a Biblical perspective.

“‘Rescue Plan for the Lost Planet’ is a combination of the words of the Bible and several authors. The majority of quotations used by this compiler are from the works of Ellen White or other Seventh-day Adventist pioneer writers. However, other quotes from various secular sources have also been added.”

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