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Future Horizons Releases “Finding Your Superpowers

Future Horizons Releases “Finding Your Superpowers: A Guide for People on the Autism Spectrum & Their Allies”

Anne holds an MBA in Management and Finance from Seattle University and a BA with an emphasis in community planning from The Evergreen State College in Washington State. She currently enjoys a range of creative pursuits and being active in her community.

Arlington, TX,  — Discovering and nurturing a person’s superpowers can bring meaning to life—and a feeling of self-worth. This book is a quick read with a fun and approachable format for a wide age range. You will find examples, stories from individuals and families, as well as references and further resources in the text. At the end of each chapter, the reader can note their discoveries. Through their individual strengths, autistic people can experience a more positive and fulfilling life. The systems that surround neurodiverse people put more emphasis on the person’s “deficits” rather than affirming those differences—often feeding low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety.

This book is a guide to challenging these systems, and shows how to nurture each person’s superpowers. Every autistic person is unique in their personal sensory experience, their traits, and the effects of autism they experience. The aim of this book is to help you and your allies discover and nurture your strengths: sensory abilities, personality traits, and interests. Consider this book a path toward living your best life.

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