Don Avis’s Newly Released I Like My Bus, I Love My Bus

Don Avis’s Newly Released I Like My Bus, I Love My Bus

Hillsboro, MO, April 03, 2024 — “I Like My Bus, I Love My Bus”: a heartwarming celebration of all a school bus driver brings to their community. “I Like My Bus, I Love My Bus” is the creation of published author, Don Avis, who studied industrial technology and holds an associate of arts (AA) and associate of applied science (AAS) from Jefferson College. He went to Southeast Missouri State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. Besides working experience in the telecommunications field, he has worked as a corrections officer, underground in limestone mines, on a dairy farm, and for the past five years as a school bus driver.

Avis shares, “My little bus, my little bus. It takes all of us to and from our schools so we can all learn the golden rules. This book is a happy product of my own imagination. It was formed from the inspiration and joy I experienced as a school bus driver. Driving a school bus has been a wonderful experience for me, and this book hopefully shares, promotes, and encourages others to become school bus drivers. Writing this book, I wanted to celebrate the several wonderful relationships I developed with both parents and their students as they entrusted their driver with safe bus transportation from their homes, learning centers, and back again.

“The rhymes, poems, and storybook songs in this book were created during downtime, to entertain the students and give them attention, usually while waiting on school parking lots. To begin each day, we arrive early to school on our bus schedule, the school bus parks, we wait and say again our good mornings. The students rode their school bus into school that day, correctly, with safety in mind, and heeded the bus driver’s warnings. Then she finally appears in all her glory. The elementary school’s principal. ‘We are here!’ Like the driver, she is respected, admired, and revered by the students, and they hold her dear. It’s now time to go, so off the bus they go inside the school. The driver will miss them and tells each student as they exit to have a good day, watching as they get smaller and smaller in his rearview mirror until they disappear. He is sad but soon will be glad as he knows it will be evening soon, and the students will be back again too. The bus mirrors remind him, objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.”

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