Cándido L. Otero, MD’s New Book Do You Know Who You Really Are

Cándido L. Otero, MD’s New Book Do You Know Who You Really Are

New York, NY, March 25, 2024 –Cándido L. Otero, MD has completed his new book, “Do You Know Who You Really Are?”: a fascinating and thought-provoking exploration of the scientific and nonscientific truths of the universe in order to help readers fully grasp that who they are and their thoughts are the only true, unchanging concepts in life.

Born in Puerto Rico, author Cándido L. Otero, MD’s medical studies started in the Dominican Republic, and he continued his postgraduate studies in pathology at the University of Florida at Shands, Jacksonville, as well as his fellowship in cytopathology. His second fellowship was done at the University of South Florida at Moffitt Cancer Center. After finishing his pathology specialty and two fellowship subspecialties, one in cytopathology and the second one in oncological surgical pathology, the author started practicing pathology as director of the laboratory at the Veteran Hospital in Roseburg, Oregon. Later, he became chief of diagnostics as well as acting chief of staff and, subsequently, transferred to West Texas Veteran Affairs before retiring and moving to Florida. Since then, Cándido has continued his interest in quantum physics and metaphysics, writing this book, and music. The author passed away in early 2024, just as his book was about to be released.

“My goal on this book is to make you aware of who you are and to make you realize that everything and anything you’ve learned about life is a concept that can disappear the same very moment that it came into existence,” shared Cándido. “The universe as we know it is only a creation of our consciousness. The only tangible concept is our thoughts that light up whenever we accept them, but they can disappear just at once when we aren’t conscious about it.

“The creation of consciousness is like a small light in the horizon that if you are not paying attention, you won’t see it, and your life will be the same as it had been since you were born, influenced by your surroundings and everyone in your circle, instead of being the creator of you own existence.”

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