Bhumi Unveils School Children’s Art Installation, Advocating Against Plastic Use

Chennai, 26 Feb 2024 — Bhumi, India’s largest volunteering organization, in collaboration with Ambattur Lions Club Middle School, today unveiled the captivating plastic art installation at Shivan Park, KK Nagar. The installation encompasses over 50kg of solid plastic waste collected by the school students, demonstrating the tangible impact of their dedicated endeavor. The display serves as a thought-provoking symbol of environmental consciousness and collective action, highlighting the pressing issue of plastic pollution while showcasing the potential for positive change.

plastic use

In the leadership of Sai Swetha, a Bhumi Fellow, and in collaboration with the Chennai-based collective Walk For Plastic, 42 students from Ambattur Lions Club Middle School undertook an immersive journey aimed at raising community awareness and fostering action against plastic pollution.

This captivating art installation stood as a testament to the creative potential and dedication of the participating students. Through the incorporation of repurposed plastic waste, this installation conveys a powerful message about the impact of plastic pollution on the environment. Each piece within the installation serves as a tangible representation of the student’s commitment to sustainable living and their drive to inspire meaningful change within their community.

The campaign involved a series of impactful activities. Beginning with a rally, 42 children gathered to collect plastic waste from their community, actively participating in creating a compelling art installation. Through collaboration with Walk For Plastic, the founder, Gowtham, inspired the children, emphasizing the importance of individual and collective action in addressing plastic pollution. A key aspect that rendered this initiative a sterling example of community action was the active involvement of 5 local schools and their students, who lent their support to the cause by collecting plastic for the installation. This concerted effort exemplifies the power of community cohesion and collective determination in addressing environmental challenges.

Sai Swetha, A Bhumi Fellow, expressed, ‘This project aims to raise awareness among children about environmental issues and empower them to take meaningful actions. We have chosen art as a medium to communicate the impact of plastic pollution visually.

This initiative is a powerful advocacy against plastic use, igniting conversations and inspiring behavioral change within the community. By leveraging the medium of art and community engagement, the campaign has effectively communicated the urgent need to address plastic pollution and has galvanized local momentum for sustainable practices.

Vaishnavi Srinivasan, Executive Director, Bhumi, commented on the significance of such an initiative, stating, “Young leaders must take charge in driving impactful change within their communities. Bhumi Fellows play a pivotal role in nurturing and guiding these initiatives, fostering a sense of responsibility and leadership among the younger generation. The successful execution of this campaign stands as a testament to the potential of youth-led initiatives in addressing pressing environmental issues and inspiring collective action for a sustainable future.”

Anjanasri Srinivas, the headmistress of Ambattur Lions Club Middle School, shared that she felt proud when she saw the students spreading awareness about plastic pollution among the general public. “This needs to reach the next generation and the students are very enthusiastic about tackling environmental issues. Creating the installation and engaging in the rally was impactful for them.”

In harnessing the creative potential of these students, this initiative stands as a powerful reminder of the impact that can be achieved through community collaboration and environmental stewardship. The success of this project underscores the vital role of youth leadership in addressing pressing environmental challenges and inspiring collective action for a sustainable future. These initiatives are being nurtured through Bhumi’s 2-year full-time paid Fellowship, where passionate youngsters work directly with children, government schools, and communities to facilitate holistic development and provide a conducive learning environment for every child. Visit for more information. You may also contact for any queries.

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