Author Wesley Stein’s New Book, New Beginnings

Author Wesley Stein’s New Book, New Beginnings

Elwood City, PA, April 06, 2024 –Wesley Stein has completed his new book, “New Beginnings”: a coming-of-age story that follows along as Xander starts to be able to do things he has never been able to do before that are not even possible. On top of that, a handful of kids in his school start to experience the same thing, including the mysterious new girl.

Growing up in a small town in Western Pennsylvania made author Wesley Stein much of who he is today. The tight-knit community fueled his imagination and inspired much of his writing. He has always loved being in nature and sitting outside. Listening to birds helped him in his writing. Music has had a significant impact on Wesley’s life. Someone in his house is always singing or playing an instrument, himself included. Past classmates and other people whom he has met in life have been an influence on his novel; some of them even inspired select characters. Wesley hopes to continue following his creative spirit in future novels he will write someday.

Wesley writes, “The orphanage in which she is currently living is in agreement with the US Military. They started this program in which once you turn sixteen, the government will adopt you per se and train you in multiple aspects of the military—how to hold a gun, how to hold your own in a fight, and which wire to cut. Once eighteen, you can join whichever aspect of the military you want; and two years later, they will pay for college if you so wish. It is a nice program, and a lot of kids who haven’t been adopted take up the offer. But she is not like most kids.”

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