Author Maral Tyson’s New Book Maral’s Kitchen

Author Maral Tyson’s New Book Maral's Kitchen

Colorado Springs, CO, June 26, 2024 — Maral Tyson, who is originally from Armenia and serves as a translator for the US Army, has completed her new book, “Maral’s Kitchen”: a captivating compendium of cuisine bursting with vibrant colors, bold sources, and mouthwatering recipes that serve as a celebration of the author’s passion for food and her rich cultural heritage.

Since she was a little child, author Maral Tyson has been interested in and loved cooking. She started cooking with her mom at the age of seven and knew it was going to be her passion. She took a break from cooking only when she served in Iraq with the US Army as a translator during the war. Then after a short time living in Germany, she came to the United States and was then able to start exploring her passion. Beginning in 2014, she met her husband, and with his help, motivation, and encouragement, she began to gather the recipes, make the dishes, and take photos, leading to this work.

“This book is intended to represent what I truly love in food,” writes Tyson. “The flavors, colors, spices, and most of all tastes in this book will allow me to share my experience and love of food with all of you. Inside you’ll find recipes from all over the world, from my home of Armenia to the Middle East and America. Please enjoy and try all my recipes. You might find a new taste and food you never knew about. If more different foods isn’t for you, no worries; I have prepared all the more tradition favorites as well!”

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