Author Jen Crompton’s New Book Fueling Your Best

Author Jen Crompton’s New Book Fueling Your Best

Havertown, PA, April 01, 2024 — Jen Crompton, who is a writer, fit-pro, entrepreneur, marketer, and teacher, has completed her new book, “Fueling Your Best: The 90-Day Challenge”: a journey focused on guiding readers toward making incremental changes that will lead to a transformation into their best selves.

Throughout her life, author Jen Crompton has been an advocate for helping others live healthier and happier lives by learning to love fitness, embrace their strengths, and work toward a healthier and more holistic definition of “fitness.” As a lifelong athlete and fitness guru, Jen and her husband, Jeff, opened a fitness studio in 2015 (just six months after their son was born). They had one goal: to provide a welcoming, non-judgmental, and safe space to build a community of like-minded people who wanted to be healthier and happier and have fun getting there.

Through their endeavor, they invited thousands of people into their studio to enjoy boxing fitness, cycle classes, their signature Pedal and Punch, Boxing and Beats, and Cycle and Circuit formats and made a positive impact that transcended beyond their four walls. During the pandemic, Jen launched free virtual fitness classes and online workshops to keep her community healthy and happy while providing a sense of community and purpose.

In addition, Jen launched a Boxing and Brunch program to support young women by empowering them to be confident through fitness, financial education, and general life skills that are often overlooked within the established public-school curriculum. Jen continues to push for change and to encourage every person she encounters to reach their full potential.

Jen writes, “FUELing your best is the idea of feeling fit in all aspects of your life—from your mind to your body, to your soul…and into your pocket. You can only be your best when you feel your best. And you feel your best when you are in control and able to work toward ‘success’ (whatever version of that definition resonates with you) in all aspects of your life.”

She continues, “Know that success is subjective. Your success is yours—it’s what will make you fulfilled and happy. Success is not defined by the amount of money or material things you possess. Instead, it is defined by how complete you feel and happy you are with yourself.”

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