Author J.M. Vessard’s New Book Portals to the Infinite

Author J.M. Vessard’s New Book Portals to the Infinite

New York, NY, April 04, 2024 — J.M. Vessard, an artist and author who lives in the Southwest with her husband, has completed her new book, “Portals to the Infinite”: a collection of short stories and uplifting messages inspired by experiences with an ancient light group the author has had throughout the years, all designed to help readers open their minds to the limitless possibilities of their existence in order to lead a more fulfilling and rich life.

Over the course of her career, author J.M. Vessard worked as a psychologist and a program manager for programs that served children with special needs. Later, she worked with a veterinarian who provided care for wildlife, taking care of many birds throughout the years that were able to return to the wild. The author was also a field supervisor for psychology graduate students to give them experiences with students in many different programs. In addition to her work, Vessard has painted in many mediums and has occasionally taught art classes to gifted students.

“Would you like to expand your ideas and experiences of creation?” writes Vessard. “This book inspires with stories, messages, inspirational material, and with many higher-dimensional contacts with the light groups of higher dimensions. Those light groups display different dominant colors and frequencies of light. There were also many personal contacts with the author’s original light group from the higher dimensions of another galaxy. The ancient mentor of that light group made the most contacts. He gave her experiences of portals to higher dimensions and much information from beyond this world.”

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