Author J.D. Freeman Sr.’s New Book Use Your Words

Author J.D. Freeman Sr.’s New Book Use Your Words

Shreveport, LA, April 16, 2024 — J.D. Freeman Sr., a writer and professional photographer, has completed his new book, “Use Your Words”: a charming tale of a young girl who goes to visit the doctor’s office for her check-up, and learns the importance of using her words so that others will listen to her throughout the stages of her life.

Born in northern Louisiana, author J.D. Freeman Sr.’s desire to become an artist first began in 1989. After enrolling in a photography class, he observed that photography could provide a more lucrative income than art, and so worked as a professional photographer from 1998 to 2005. After he began writing in 1995, Freeman Sr. also started speaking to the youth in public schools as a motivational speaker.

“The reason for this book is to remind parents and guardians the importance of teaching children words while they are small,” writes Freeman Sr. “This will open doors later on in life for them. Remember, to equip a child with the best starts at home, not in school. Teaching a child words and how to use them builds character, confidence, and also awareness. Doing this will also help teachers when it comes to your child’s learning. Their listening skills will be better, and with better listening skills often comes a better understanding that often helps their growth in every way. So we must learn to take advantage of this opportunity in teaching our children for they won’t stay small forever.”

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