Author gg raymond’s New Book Norma and the Fly A Novella

Author gg raymond’s New Book Norma and the Fly A Novella

New York, NY, April 11, 2024 — gg raymond, who was born in Jamaica, West Indies, has completed his new book, “Norma and the Fly: A Novella”: an imaginative and poetic novella that invites readers to witness the relationship between a scientist and her most baffling test-tube goo.

In a recent interview, author gg raymond said of his writing, “Me-figure-me a litmus test of the moods and moves of us men. As the others, I’m always trying to describe the grooves in the stones just behind the dazzle of the water’s fall.”

He writes, “I needed to reach out and tell my life to anyone that may listen, someone that might care—if not act. But to receive my words, you must be willing to accept that despair can be seismic: shifting ground, blurring pith. My name is Cat (for Catherine or some such). I’m forty-six years old, and this human-esque laboratory in a remote New Jersey Forest has been my prison for as long as I can remember. I was likely bred here. I lay propped up by pillows and mechanical buttresses that genuflect my body throughout the day. I’m medicated every three hours, and by ‘medicated,’ I mean drugged. Those drugs render me still. Even my eyes’ blink is electronically induced. I’m kept catatonic and utterly paralyzed—yet fully awake and aware.”

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