Ariel University’s Institute of Archaeology Showcases Global Talent at Its 7th Annual Conference

22nd Feb 2024: Ariel, Israel – Ariel University’s Institute of Archaeology has once again demonstrated its academic prowess and international appeal with the successful conclusion of its 7th annual conference, which took place on 15 February 2024. Themed “Dude, What Are You Digging?”, the event gathered scholars, researchers, and students from across the globe, marking a significant moment in the university’s ongoing dialogue with the international archaeological community.

Professor Yonatan Adler, head of the Institute of Archaeology, expressed his enthusiasm: “This conference has not only showcased the remarkable talent we have here at Ariel University but has also echoed the global voice of archaeology. We are bridging worlds and eras, deciphering the past to inform the future.”

Abigail Leavit from the USA delved into her research on a newly explored cistern at Mount Ebal, while Polina Nikolskaia from Russia offered her insights into ancient anthropogenic catenas. These presentations underscored the university’s success in drawing global talent to its esteemed Institute of Archaeology.

Christoffer Theis of Germany received an award for his outstanding presentation, further emphasizing the international recognition and academic exchange Ariel University encourages. His analysis of the nomenclature of ancient figures provided fascinating insights.

Dr. Asaf Gayer presented his work on his initial discoveries which then led to Dead Sea Swords, a discovery that captivated the world and earned the top spot in National Geographic’s list of most exciting archaeological discoveries in 2023. His research underpins Ariel University’s status as a leader in archaeological innovation.

The conference also delved into the practical applications of archaeology, with discussions on urban runoff treatment using ancient terraces and the evolution of groundwater drainage tunnels—topics reflecting the university’s commitment to blending historical research with modern-day relevance.

Ariel University prides itself on being a cross-cultural academic hub where the past is actively engaged and interpreted by a diverse student body. The overwhelming success of this year’s conference stands as a clear indicator of Ariel University’s dedication to fostering global education and advancing the field of archaeology.

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