A Kids Book About Long-Term Care by Author Jenny Abeling

A Kids Book About Long-Term Care by Author Jenny Abeling

Portland, OR, April 02, 2024 — Authored by leading long-term care advocate Jenny Abeling and illustrated by prolific cartoonist Mary Matthews, this book is a poignant response to Jenny’s frontline experiences managing a long-term care facility during the heights of the pandemic. As the world grappled with the formidable challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, she witnessed the deep-seated impacts on residents/consumers, families and staff alike.

Sparked by the urgent need to shed a bright light on long-term care — an often unseen and unheard part of our society — Jenny partnered with publishing powerhouse A Kids Co, to produce a book that speaks to all ages and audiences about the importance of long-term care. We are starting a nationwide movement with highly effective organizations Caring Across Generations, SEIU International, Consumer Voice for Long Term Care, Bridge Meadows and Teepa Snow’s Positive Approaches to Care, to educate and inform kids and communities about this important topic.

“A Kids Book About Long-Term Care” is more than a publication; it is a bridge to foster understanding and empathy, kick starting conversations from a young age. Author Jenny Abeling, a passionate advocate for long-term care, draws inspiration from her professional experiences during these turbulent times. “The pandemic underscored the vital need for greater education and dialogue surrounding long-term care, a subject frequently neglected in our local and national conversations. This book serves as a powerful tool to engage readers of all ages, nurturing empathy and compassion for those involved in long-term care,” says Abeling.

The collaborative effort with such stellar partner organizations amplifies and elevates the book’s impact, making “A Kids Book About Long-Term Care” a catalyst for reaching a lot of people, for reshaping societal perceptions on aging and disability, while encouraging a more informed and caring community for us all. By sharing the stories of consumers and workers, the book becomes a gateway for families, educators, and communities to explore this critical topic and ultimately contribute to a more compassionate and empathetic future.

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