TruerCatering’s Sensor Self-Opening Electric Chafing Dish

TruerCatering’s Sensor Self-Opening Electric Chafing Dish

Chaozhou, China, June 26, 2024 — True Catering is delighted to launch its new Truer Sensor Self-opening Electric Chafing Dish.

The chafer’s design combines the time-tested methods of food chafing with cutting-edge technology. This aligns with Truer’s commitment to creating high-performance and user-friendly food service solutions.

The 304 stainless steel structure of these self-opening chafers guarantees robust durability. Truer Catering does not hold out in glamour either. The exquisite mirror finish and glass display lids make this a chafer model that most consumers will be proud to have at their buffet tables or restaurants.

This buffet ware manufacturer harnesses technology in this chafer model to improve functionality and convenience.

Case in point, each of these electric chafers has inbuilt motion-sensitive sensors. They automatically open and close the hydraulic chafer lids when they detect motion within their range. This facilitates hands-free operation during food service which can be highly convenient for buffet guests.

The Truer brand takes user convenience even further by providing a remote control device for each self-opening chafer. Wait staff or caterers can use the remote controls to open and close the chafers or adjust the food warming temperature from a distance. These chafer controls are also accessible on the intelligent touch control panel at the front side of the chafers.

Truer Self-opening Electric Chafing Dishes are optimized for both dry heating and wet heating food chafing options. The company achieves this versatile feature by incorporating top-of-the-range electrical components in the chafers that are safe for both chafing approaches.

Key Features of Sensor Self-opening Electric Chafing Dish 8016M:

Accurate Temperature Control: Users can set a specific food warming temperature of their choice using the smart control panel or via remote control. The chafer will maintain the setting thereby providing consistent food warming.

Self-Opening Function: The lid can automatically open and close by intelligently sensing a human body.

Remote Control: Users can remotely control the temperature through the remote control

Versatility – the design of the Sensor Self-opening Electric Chafing Dish lends itself well to a variety of applications from home use to buffet catering, restaurant service, and more.

Elegance and durability – the exquisite mirror finish, glass lids, and hydraulic hinges on this chafer model give it a refined look fit for fine dining. The chafing dish is, nevertheless, very durable due to the high quality of its materials.

Truer Catering expresses optimism regarding this latest chafing dish model. The brand states that it looks forward to consumers across the globe enjoying the convenience and superior experience that this Truer electric chafing dish offers.

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