TravClan Launches OnTrip – Empowering Agents to Elevate Customer Travel Experiences

New Delhi, 19th March 2024: TravClan, a leading global B2B travel tech platform, has announced the launch of its mobile application, OnTrip. Aimed at alleviating the challenges faced by travelers worldwide, OnTrip serves as a personal on-trip concierge, ensuring a stress-free journey from start to finish. Since its recent launch, OnTrip has gained traction among customers globally, particularly in the Middle East, India, and Southeast Asia.


Travelers often encounter difficulties ranging from chaotic airport pickups to managing scattered vouchers and tickets. To address these pain points and enhance the overall travel experience, OnTrip provides instant access to all trip-related details, personalized assistance, essential information, and round-the-clock support on a centralized platform.

The launch of OnTrip has been hailed by travel agents as a game-changer, enabling them to confidently offer more travel services to their customers. Customers stay updated about their entire travel itinerary and access all details about their transfers, accommodation vouchers, entry tickets, and several other useful information like traffic advisories, weather alerts, food and shopping recommendations, and upcoming events on the app.

Speaking about this, Arun Bagaria, Co-Founder & CEO of TravClan, stated, “OnTrip is not just an app; it’s your reliable travel companion. We understand the frustrations that come with navigating unfamiliar destinations, and our app is designed to ensure travelers have a hassle-free experience, allowing them to focus on enjoying their journey. We anticipate that OnTrip will transform the travel industry for more than 3 lakh travelers across the world, providing them with a seamless, convenient, and stress-free travel experience.”

Expanding on this, Arun added, “One of the standout features of OnTrip is its real-time driver details sharing, providing travelers with contact information, pickup timings, and live status updates. This ensures a stress-free pickup experience, addressing safety concerns associated with foreign travel and bringing predictability to the entire journey.”

OnTrip also enables travel agencies to offer a personalized mobile application experience under their brand name, reinforcing brand loyalty and trust. The app has received widespread acclaim, with users praising its premium experience and likening it to having a personalized trip concierge.

TravClan continues to redefine the travel industry, having empowered over 15,000 travel agents, resulting in sales surpassing USD 100 million. With a mission to leverage technology for superior and affordable travel services, TravClan has emerged as the world’s first tech-enabled global tour operator, providing delightful experiences to customers across 18 destinations worldwide.

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