Tracing Agency Launches International Asset Tracing

London City, United Kingdom, April 06, 2024 –Bond Rees, the UK’s leading asset tracing agency, announced that they are extending their asset tracing services across the world. Having already taken their people tracing services internationally with great success, Bond Rees now hopes to do the same with asset tracing, with offices situated in the USA, Canada, Australia, India, and beyond. Bond Rees are experts in the tracing and recovering of assets, including real estate, cash, and corporate holdings that many fraud, embezzlement, and divorce claims depend on. Their experience and knowledge allow them to work across country jurisdictions to locate assets and compile evidence for a full client report.

Bond Rees are experts in their field, specialising in debtor tracing, private investigative services, and process serving. “We’ve had great successes in our asset tracing services in the UK and we hope to continue that success as we branch out to an international service,” said Aaron Bond, Head of Private Investigations London. “We’re proud to have built an effective team of ex-police and military personnel who can handle some really complex cases on an international level.”

Bond Rees takes steps to ensure their tracing services are ethical and legal, and function within the regulations set out by the GDPR. They are committed to client confidentiality and will never reveal a client’s personal information.

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