The world’s first AI employee is here, and she might be after your job

March 1, 2023: Artisan AI, a San Francisco based startup, has launched their first AI digital worker after securing $3.5 million in funding from YCombinator, Sequoia Scout, Fellows Fund, Oliver Jung, among others. Ava, the world’s most efficient sales rep, spearheads the company’s ambitious rollout of AI employees, slated for 2024. Their pipeline includes Liam, The Marketing Artisan, and James, The Customer Success Artisan.

Ava, the first Artisan, can do the work of 10 human outbound sales representatives, and will save your team a remarkable amount of time and money

An adaptable, interactable digital worker, Ava develops a unique understanding of each company she works for. Businesses who are interested can now apply for exclusive access. Upon approval, Ava integrates into your existing sales workflow and is customized to meet your specific needs.

As an AI sales representative, Ava can manage the entire cold email sales cycle from start to finish. She has the productivity of 10 human employees at just 10% of the cost. Designed to work alongside human employees, she’s the perfect solution for businesses who are looking to drive productivity, while keeping costs down.

Ava leverages her database of over 200 million contacts to find the best targets for outbound sales campaigns

Using an advanced LLM, she does in-depth research into each prospect to craft hyper-personalized outbound email sequences.

What else can Ava do?

Create TCPs through conversation with the user

Reply to prospects with superhuman product knowledge

Warm up mailboxes to maximize outbound email deliverability

Create meeting link clicks & positive sentiment responses

Send 1000’s of emails per month

Artisan AI is on a mission to create the next Industrial Revolution

Unlike previous paradigms of AI agents, Artisans are the first generation of digital workers who onboard themselves, collaborate via chat, complete full job workflows from end-to-end, and grow to understand each organization.

Artisan AI has ambitious plans to pioneer the future of work – by creating an ecosystem of capable, human-like digital workers who are able to work together across different business verticals.

The ultimate goal? A fully integrated SaaS platform, with built-in Artisans that are indistinguishable from real people.

Artisan AI is founded by 22-year-old CEO Jaspar Carmichael-Jack and Oxford PhD Graduate CTO Dr. Rupert Dodkins

A third-time founder, Jaspar previously ran an international branding agency and an on-demand services app. He has teamed up with Dr. Rupert Dodkins, who has a PhD in Astrophysics from the University of Oxford and over 10 years of machine learning experience. They currently have a team of 11 people, with plans to expand rapidly over 2024.

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