RX Japan’s AGRI WEEK Propels Agri-Tech Innovation Onto the Global Stage

Kyushu, Japan, April 10, 2024 –Agri Week, held annually in Kyushu and Tokyo, has established itself as a pivotal platform for pushing agri-tech advancements to a global audience, showcasing cutting-edge solutions and fostering international collaboration within the industry.

This three-day exhibition and conference, organized by RX Japan, brought together industry professionals, government leaders, farmers, manufacturers, academics, and researchers from diverse backgrounds, fostering vital connections and exploring innovative solutions for the future of agriculture. Concurrent events, Gardex and Tool Japan, offered complementary perspectives, showcasing gardening and landscaping products alongside tools and hardware equipment, further enriching the experience for attendees and exhibitors alike.

The combined shows boasted impressive numbers from its Tokyo edition last October 2023, with over 914 exhibitors showcasing their latest advancements and attracting a staggering 35,808 visitors from 60 countries interested in exploring the latest in agriculture, gardening, and hardware. This year’s event witnessed a significant increase in international participation, including presence from Australia, Canada, Korea, and the USA to name a few, highlighting the growing global interest in Japanese agricultural technology and expertise.

Beyond the impressive numbers, AGRI WEEK TOKYO held five specialized shows covering whole segments. The 13th AgriTech Tokyo and 10th AgriNext Tokyo provided a glimpse into cutting-edge agricultural technology and materials, showcasing advancements in robotics, AI, drones, and data-driven farming practices. The 1st AgriGreen Tokyo, newly launched this edition, explored responsible and environmentally friendly agricultural methods, addressing crucial challenges faced by the industry today. Meanwhile, the 5th Livestock Tokyo and 8th AgriProcess Tokyo served as a launchpad for emerging livestock farming products and food processing machinery, brimming with fresh ideas and innovative solutions.

The conference sessions delved into diverse topics of crucial importance, including smart agriculture, climate-resilient crops, food security, and the role of technology in transforming the agricultural landscape. Renowned experts, industry leaders, and academics shared their insights, sparking engaging discussions and fostering collaboration across various sectors.

Among the notable companies showcasing their innovations at the event were NTT Data Kansai Co., showcasing their latest demand forecasting solutions for farmers powered by a unique AI engine; Daikin, presenting air cooling and long-term storage products for freshness management; and American Express (AMEX), offering solutions to support the management of feed and equipment sales by companies and livestock farmers. Additionally, numerous promising startups, brimming with groundbreaking ideas, captured the attention of attendees and investors alike.

Looking ahead, AGRI WEEK is undergoing a bold transformation. Opening on May 22-24 this year at Grandmesse Kumamoto, the show will be rebranded as J AGRI, signifying a strategic move towards unifying its domestic and international identities. This rebranding reflects RX Japan’s dedication to enhancing J AGRI’s global presence and impact, further solidifying its position as a premier organizer of international agricultural exhibitions.

The change signifies more than just a new name; it represents a renewed focus on contributing to the agricultural landscape in Japan and Asia. J AGRI 2024 will introduce exciting new features and curate experiences that foster greater international collaboration and knowledge exchange. J AGRI, with the mission of “Bring Agricultural Innovation to Japan and Asia,” will continue to organise exhibitions in the future, contributing to the sustainable agricultural development of Japan and Asia.

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