QuickShip from Scandinavian Spaces

Austin, TX, April 12, 2024 — Scandinavian Spaces is committed to making great Scandinavian design accessible to the North American market. The company’s newly launched QuickShip program offers rapid solutions for like-minded creatives. Kite, a popular and sought-after product within the curated collection, is among the newest QuickShip program additions. In stock with an expedited lead time, Kite’s unique shape, geometric angles, and trendy hues provide a fresh face to waste management.

The recycling and waste unit has a unique frame with angles at 60°, 90°, and 120°, making it ideal for placement in every corner. The frame shape also allows multiple units to pair, creating new configurations to accommodate the needs of all interiors. The system offers tops with varying-shaped openings and corresponding screen-printed symbols for different types of waste management. Kite’s versatile system provides the finishing details to the sophisticated office.

The recent completion of the new warehouse facility in North America has empowered Scandinavian Spaces to expand its QuickShip program to include Kite. On par with the brand’s dedication to simplicity and ease, this expansion aims to ensure readily available and stocked products for customers. With strategic placement in North America, the warehouse optimizes daily procedures and enables direct operational oversight, marking a significant step forward in the brand’s commitment to efficiency.

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