Promoting Tribal Energy Sovereignty

Promoting Tribal Energy Sovereignty

Colusa, CA, March 25, 2024 –Colusa Indian Energy (CIE) is a Tribal corporation owned wholly by the Colusa Indian Community (CICC) in northern California. CIE provides energy infrastructure assistance to other Tribes and has built strategic partnerships to provide the services needed with gas and diesel engine manufacturers, green and blue hydrogen producers, natural gas developers, solar PV developers, emission control system manufacturers, chiller manufacturers, industrial control system makers, and battery storage suppliers.

Navajo Power is a private, majority Native-owned clean energy developer that partners with Tribes to develop utility-scale clean energy projects. With their technical expertise, proven success in clean energy development and financing, cultural and linguistic aptitude and access to capital, they are able to work on projects across Indian County. “This partnership increases the visibility of Native-led businesses that bring innovative solutions to the energy sector. We are putting our unique stamp on an industry that has historically been absent of our voices, which ensures that our collective communities are represented and heard,” said Navajo Power Chief Executive Officer Brett Isaac.

The partnership between CIE and Navajo Power promotes Tribal energy sovereignty. “We want to partner with Tribal and Native-owned businesses to help energize all of Indian County. Navajo Power is the best solar developer for us to partner with, because they share our mission and perfectly complement the rest of our offerings,” said Colusa Indian Energy Director Ken Ahmann.

CIE and Navajo Power share the vision of supporting Tribal Energy Sovereignty for all of Indian County.

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