Pickled Geeks is Bringing the Best of Nostalgia to the Nostalgic

Chicago, IL, June 26, 2024 — Pickled Geeks is excited to announce that they have started a social media vlog/blog/podcast for the nostalgia-seeker in everyone.

“Pickled Geeks” was a name they came up with because there wasn’t anything out there that incorporated geeky, fun, nostalgic interests… good cocktails and geek-centric collectibles. Find the latest episode here: https://youtu.be/tPAs4htAQK0?si=XhdpawMHImmB0WUD

Steve, one-half of the Pickled Geeks remarked, “We’ve gone to all the comic conventions we can buy tickets for, but where is the bourbon?? And we’ve gone to all the bars we can think of, but where are the Viewmasters and Colorforms? Where are the Light Sabers? We love to talk about the magical nostalgia we feel when we see a good comic book, Star Wars playset, or these days, a Funko Pop. We also want to see what other people collect.”

Pickled Facts:
Tang entered test markets in 1958 and was available to the public beginning in 1959. Tang was used by early NASA crewed space flights. The Pickled Geeks are not scientists but love Tang.

The original Colorforms sets were spiral-bound booklets hand-assembled by a husband-and-wife team in their New York City apartment.

Funko Pop Figure Count: as of 2023, there are 13,741 unique characters worldwide and counting as this is being typed. Our wallets are counting down too.

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