Panoramic Landscape of Indian Art on Display with the Sequel of Artix: India’s First Hotel Art Fair

Hyderabad, March 2024: The sequel to India’s pioneering travel Hotel Art Fair, Artix 2.0, left an exceptional mark on the art landscape, redefining the realms of creativity, luxury, textiles, and weaves. Running from March 16 to March 17, 2024, at Hotel The Park Hyderabad, Telangana, this groundbreaking event captivated art and culture enthusiasts during its debut. Artix Edition 2.0 emerged as a thrilling global congregation celebrating art, culture, and aesthetics while serving as a platform for exquisite design collectibles.

\Hotel art fair

Held at the prestigious Hotel The Park in Hyderabad, Artix revitalized the essence of art by transforming hotel rooms’ floors and walls and repurposing spaces into a captivating art fair. Each room was meticulously converted into exclusive art salons and galleries, showcasing a curated collection of artwork, live installations, textile art, and opportunities for interaction with influential creative minds shaping the art world’s trajectory.

The visionary trio of Payal Kapoor, Malvika Poddar, and Sethu Vaidyanathan endeavored to merge the realms of art, creating an intimate setting for collectors and art enthusiasts alike. This pioneering fair also aimed to embark on a journey as India’s first-ever traveling art fair, with upcoming destinations in Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, and many international countries.

The event was inaugurated by Entrepreneur Pinky Reddy, Fashion Designer and Politician Shaina NC, prominent well-known artist and sculptor Ravinder Reddy, prominent Art collector Anju Poddar, and Indian and Businesswoman Priya Paul.

Payal Kapoor, Co-Founder of Artix, articulated her vision: “Artix is more than an exhibition, it’s a journey that goes beyond the conventional art experience and breaks the shackles to allow everyone to partake in ingenuity.” The synthesis of luxury, culture, and art elevates the spaces into dynamic canvases, making the whole atmosphere exceptional and open to everybody.”

Malvika Poddar, Co-Founder of Artix, added, “With its sequel, we sought to prepare an experience that not only displays unique art but also bridges the gap between artists and enthusiasts where every artwork within the nooks of the hotel entwines visual appeal and tradition, and unveils an eye-catching tale that surpasses the conventional confines of art exhibitions.”

Mr Sethu Vaidyanathan, Co-founder of Artix, offered his reflections: “Artix is a showcase of culture, diversity, and the strength of human creativity through brushstrokes. By moving artworks from conventional galleries and putting them in the core, we foster an evolving platform that spans cities and continents to share the beauty of art with diverse audiences worldwide.”

Artix, the first-of-its-kind pan-Indian Hotel Art Fair, in its second edition, rekindled the world of art with its immersive artistic journey that enabled art enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and collectors to delve deeper into the ocean of art and associated verticals.

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