Paindrainer AB Partners with Bragée Clinics for Advanced Digital Pain Management Programs

MEDICON VILLAGE, LUND, SWEDEN/ 29th Mar 2024: – Under a new partnership, Paindrainer AB, a pioneer in the field of digital healthcare technology and the well-established Bragée Clinics will conduct a commercial pilot aimed at strengthening pain management programs for remote chronic pain rehabilitation and treatment programs.

Paindrainer offers an advanced digital solution in Paindrainer® Care Portal and evidence based Paindrainer® PD1 mobile application for health care professionals to remotely monitor their patients’ progress and improve their quality of life.

Bragée Clinics is a premier clinic providing comprehensive chronic pain rehabilitation and treatment programs, primary care services, and is at the forefront of remote care for managing chronic pain.

“We are excited to begin this new partnership with the well-recognized Bragée Clinics, and I firmly believe that together, we can revolutionize chronic pain management care by improving the quality of lives for thousands of patients.”, says Erik Frick, CEO Paindrainer AB.

The Paindrainer solution is a cutting-edge digital tool that will facilitate remote patient management for Bragée Clinics, both during and between visits. The partnership will commence with a pilot test.

“We welcome the opportunity to use a digital platform to share our knowledge, expertise and patient care for individuals affected by chronic pain, and to be able to reach those patients in all corners of our country. Our goal is to enhance patients’ quality of lives by leveraging the value that remote monitoring can bring in each individual treatment and rehabilitation plan.”, says Peter Alexanderson, CEO Bragée Clinics.

The utilization of a remote therapeutic monitoring platform will provide health care professionals with important insights into how the daily routines affects the health of their patients. This will facilitate the creation of improved personalized care plans, ensure adherence, enhance patient outcomes, and even optimize staff efficiency while improving care for patients in their homes.

The Paindrainer® mobile application is the first evidence-based digital tool demonstrating improved quality of life for individuals living with chronic pain. The product is FDA registered as a Medical Device Class I. The solution is powered by leveraging advanced algorithms and is fully adaptive to each individual patient, featuring the unique proprietary 360o patient-centric approach.

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