OQ to Showcase Commitment to Occupational Health at iOHS


Muscat, February 2024 – OQ, the global integrated energy group, is taking part in the inaugural International Occupational Health Summit, taking place from 4 – 7 February 2024 at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre. Themed “Towards Sustainable Health Excellence at the Workplace,” the summit is poised to become a global nexus for occupational health, offering a platform to explore the latest innovations, technologies, and best practices in the sector.

The event aims to foster a collaborative environment, where leaders and professionals from across the globe can share insights and strategies for enhancing worker protection and improving workplace environments. Highlighting the Sultanate of Oman’s pivotal role, the conference will showcase the nation’s efforts in advancing occupational health both regionally and globally. With participation from around 50 local and international entities, alongside renowned experts and specialists, the summit promises a rich exchange of knowledge and expertise in occupational health.

OQ’s involvement in the summit underscores the Group’s dedication to occupational health, emphasizing the adoption of best practices in this crucial field. In addition to being a diamond sponsor, OQ is contributing to the summit with four of its specialists as part of the technical committee. This committee is tasked with supervising the technical program, evaluating papers, and organizing the presentations. OQ experts are also taking part in presenting a pre-conference workshop in industrial hygiene, dedicated to the practical aspects of hazard identification and assessment within workplace environments. This interactive session is designed to enrich participants’ knowledge of industrial health, equipping them with advanced techniques for identifying hazards and applying these skills through real-life case studies. Additionally, the workshop will serve as a platform for sharing insights and engaging with the latest trends and innovations in the field, fostering a collaborative learning experience.

Furthermore, OQ will feature prominently in the exhibition held in conjunction with the summit, where it will display its strategic initiatives and approaches towards occupational and industrial health. Central to its strategy are three pillars: health promotion, disease prevention, and recovery, underscoring the Group’s holistic approach to occupational health and industrial hygiene.


OQ strictly adheres to national and international standards for health and safety across its operations, aiming to prevent accidents and minimise risks that could compromise employee safety and health, asset facilities, environmental protection and business continuity. The emphasis on occupational health within the workplace, compliant with national and international benchmarks and regulations, signifies OQ’s leadership in promoting a culture of health and wellbeing. This commitment extends particularly to the oil and gas sector, where OQ is a key player in advancing occupational health practices in Oman.

The importance of safety as a core performance metric is underscored by regular evaluations conducted by OQ’s board and executive management, reflecting positively on the Group’s operations both internally and externally. The Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment (OHSE) policy regulation, which OQ rigorously implements, serves as a cornerstone for all internal regulations and procedures aimed at mitigating risks to a safe level. OQ’s dedication to training and qualifying its workforce in health and safety—from executive management to frontline workers—enhances operational efficiency and strengthens its local and global standing. With more than 10,532 training hours dedicated to occupational health and safety, OQ’s commitment to the well-being of its employees and the wider community is unequivocally demonstrated, marking its leadership in fostering a safer, healthier work environment across industries.

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