Builds on Its Momentum Builds on Its Momentum

New Haven, CT, April 08, 2024 –, a highly regarded online platform for party planners, event organizers and food truck owners in North Carolina, today announced that it has become the most visited food truck resource in the state. With its commitment to facilitating connections and fostering growth within the thriving food truck industry, has revolutionized the way food truck owners, party planners and event organizers collaborate. has flourished as a result of its ability to generate thousands of leads per season for food truck owners across North Carolina. By harnessing advanced technology and user-friendly features, the platform empowers food truck entrepreneurs, party planners and event organizers to showcase a broad range of culinary talents and attract potential customers without being forced to route all bookings through a third party. With no middleman, party planners and event organizers can directly engage with food truck owners, fostering authentic connections and efficient collaborations.

“We are incredibly proud to have established as the go-to resource for party planners and event organizers in North Carolina,” said Chris Pooley, Founder of and several other food truck connectors across the country. “Our platform has empowered countless food truck owners to increase their sales by facilitating seamless collaborations with their customers. We look forward to further advancing North Carolina’s vibrant food truck industry and continuing to connect communities through exceptional culinary experiences.”

One of the key factors that sets NC Food Trucks apart is its commitment to fair and transparent practices. Unlike typical platforms, imposes no per lead or booking fees on food truck owners. This novel approach allows food truck entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best without worrying about unnecessary expenses. By removing financial barriers, fosters an inclusive and supportive environment, enabling food truck owners to grow their businesses and reach a wider audience of party planners and event organizers.

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