MYCOMM, partner of the French Pavilion for Osaka Expo 2025

MYCOMM, a travel and events agency specializing in international sports and cultural events, announces its partnership with the France Pavilion at the Osaka World Expo 2025, to be held from April 13th to October 13th, 2025 on the theme “Designing the society of the future, imagining tomorrow’s life”.

 MYCOMM thus becomes a sponsor of the France Pavilion and a thematic partner for the Sports Fortnight, which will take place from October 1st to 13th, 2025. This fortnight will be an opportunity to promote physical activity and sport for all, in line with the values of the France Pavilion : love, audacity and dialogue.

 The France Pavilion, located at the entrance of the exhibition site in the “Empowering lives” section, will offer visitors an immersive, sensorial experience that questions man’s place in his environment and his relationship with others. The France Pavilion will also embody a bold, conquering and innovative vision of French innovation, reconciling competitiveness and sustainable development.

 MYCOMM, highly skilled in organizing themed and experiential trips to sports and cultural events, will support the France Pavilion and COFREX in the design and production of sports-related events and activities for visitors, business and media.

 MYCOMM will also offer customized travel packages to enable both individual and corporate customers to discover Japan, its culture, heritage and natural resources, while enjoying or the World Expo and the France Pavilion.

 MYCOMM will offer to its customers access to the France Pavilion, as well as experiential tours and seminars proposing a variety of themes and meetings with Japanese experts in different fields during the various themed fortnights. The agency will also be organizing exclusive cruises, which will combine the pleasure of sailing, the discovery of exceptional landscapes and various cultural visits.

 According to Grégory Sevault, President of MYCOMM: “We are proud and honored to become a partner of the France Pavilion for the Sports Fortnight at the Osaka 2025 World Expo. This is a unique opportunity to showcase our expertise and our passion for sport, culture and travel. We are convinced that sport is a formidable vector for social cohesion, sustainable development and innovation. We look forward to sharing with our customers and partners this exceptional experience, which will be both enriching and inspiring”. 28th February, 2024,

For Jacques Maire, President of COFREX and General Commissioner of the France Pavilion: “MYCOMM and the France Pavilion are united by the same passion for sport, which is a universal language, a means of expression and a source of inspiration. This fortnight dedicated to sport will allow French passion to shine through on the France Pavilion”.

 This partnership show their mutual goal of promoting France and its talents internationally, and to contribute to the success of the Osaka 2025 World Expo.

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