Online doorstep laundry pick-up and delivery brand, LaundryMate achieves a 98.52 Percent on-time delivery rate with

New Delhi, 18 March 2024: Locus. sh, a global logistics technology company has achieved remarkable success with LaundryMate, an innovative doorstep laundry service operating in Bangalore. By integrating Locus’ cutting-edge logistics technology, LaundryMate has achieved an impressive 98.52% on-time delivery rate, significantly elevating its customer experience.

Launched in October 2022, LaundryMate has serviced over 0.25 million order pickups & drops to date, seeing 5x growth in one year. Along the way, Locus’ Dispatch Management System has had a direct impact on drivers’ productivity and customer experience. Equipped with precise geocoding capabilities, it has eliminated delivery struggles and enhanced the overall driver experience by ensuring accurate address conversion despite the sheer amount of traffic and on-ground challenges.

“Our collaboration with LaundryMate exemplifies how cutting-edge technology can revolutionize logistics operations while driving business growth,” said Nishith Rastogi, Founder and CEO of Locus. sh. “Our smart routing, dispatch management, capacity planning, and advanced analytics solutions have enabled LaundryMate to overcome complex logistics challenges, optimize operations, and provide exceptional customer experiences. We are proud to be a key enabler of their success.”

Echoing similar sentiments, Abhinay Choudhari, Co-founder | and CEO of LaundryMate, shared, “Locus’ solutions have been invaluable in streamlining our operations and enhancing our service quality. We are now better equipped to scale our business while maintaining our commitment to customer convenience and sustainable practices.”

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