Folio.YVR Magazine Launches Two New Luxury Lifestyle Series

Vancouver, Canada, April 06, 2024 — EcoLuxLuv Marketing & Communications Inc. is announcing the launch of two community-based series on its platform. With a projected visitor count of more than 150,000 by the end of 2024, this dynamic website is rapidly gaining momentum due to its commitment to delivering only the highest quality, impeccably written content that truly celebrates and speaks to an elevated lifestyle. is an online destination that pays homage to the unique and luxurious West Coast lifestyle of BC. As a digital partner to Folio.YVR Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, has quickly become the go-to source for those seeking the finest in lifestyle inspiration.

“The Contour Concierge,” hosted by Beauty, Health & Wellness Ambassador Jade Massie. is an exclusive, limited-time sponsored series that has been specifically designed to showcase some of the most exciting advancements and opportunities in the beauty and aesthetics industries. From the latest products and technologies to the most innovative people and anti-aging techniques, “The Contour Concierge” promises to be a unique and unforgettable journey for all those who follow it.

Helen Siwak, Publisher and EIC of Folio.YVR shared: “Today, we are delighted to launch the series with a spotlight on the new luxury spa at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver. Known as ‘retreat,’ this stunning spa is centrally located on the cusp of the city’s exclusive ‘Luxury Zone.’ Led by a team of talented women who truly understand the needs of those seeking a rejuvenating escape, retreat offers a range of products and services that reflect the West Coast’s commitment to sustainability, cruelty-free practices, and clean living.”

The second series, “Vancouver Vices,” is dedicated to showcasing the very best of the city’s luxury realm, as seen through the eyes of Vices Ambassador Douglas J. Scammell. This twelve-part series is designed to appeal to those who love the finer things in life, from wine, whisky, and cigars to fine dining, driving, and beyond. Expect VIP event coverage, insider interviews with personalities from the world of luxury, and ‘Best of Vancouver’ lists, which are perfect for those just starting on a journey of discovery.

Siwak continues: “We are thrilled to launch ‘Vancouver Vices’ today with a special spotlight on Comox Valley Formula race car driver, 18-year-old Nicole Havrda, and her much-anticipated appearance at ELEVATE: Vancouver Auto Show, which broke attendance records this year.”

Each week, these captivating Folio.YVR stories will be delivered straight to Inbox via a stylish newsletter to ELL Comm’s database of over 35,000 professionals. Additionally, recipients can follow the series through social media -@thecontourconcierge and @vancouvervices.

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