Ex-Caterpillar senior executive Robert Droogleever Fortuyn joins ABCG to provide high-level advisory services

Robert Droogleever Fortuyn15th Feb 2024: With an extensive career spanning over three decades at Caterpillar, Droogleever brings a wealth of knowledge and senior-level expertise to abcg, positioning the consultancy to provide valuable insights and guidance to its clients.

abcg is excited to welcome Robert Droogleever Fortuyn onto its advisory team and looks forward to the valuable insights and high-level advice he will bring to the consultancy and its clients. Droogleever’s distinguished career at Caterpillar has taken him across the globe, managing major $1 billion+ parts of the organisation, and seeing him living and working in Germany, England, Russia, the United States and Switzerland.

Now, after 30+ years with Caterpillar, Robert Droogleever Fortuyn has chosen to continue his journey with abcg, a consultancy poised to benefit from his wealth of experience.

“I understand supply chain optimization and where strategic decisions on supply chain should be made. Today, we need to bring supply chains back from China or explore safer markets like Thailand or India,” Robert said. “I can also offer product management insights, particularly in R&D decision-making, and have experience in electrification projects. Additionally, I have a strong affinity for dealers and distribution.”

When asked about his management style, Robert emphasized the importance of data but also acknowledged the role of intuition in decision-making. He expressed a collaborative approach and his passion for helping organizations tackle challenges.

With his extensive background in product lines, R&D, and strategy, Droogleever is well-equipped to provide strategic guidance and support to abcg clients. His up-to-date knowledge of industry trends, such as electrification, autonomy, and digitalization, makes him a valuable asset to the consultancy.

“I’m an ex-Caterpillar long-term employee with a wealth of leadership competencies,” Robert shared. “I look forward to advising marketing managers, CEOs, and vice presidents on their specific challenges and helping them address them effectively.”

Senior level experience in product development, change, distribution

Droogleever’s journey began in the Netherlands, where he studied mining engineering. He then embarked on his career at Caterpillar, initially in Switzerland as a trainee, eventually transitioning to sales and marketing roles. Over time, he gained intimate knowledge of Caterpillar’s products and dealers, a relationship that remained a cornerstone of his career. He progressed to product management in the United States, where he took charge of the large wheel loader line and focused on product development.

Subsequently, Droogleever career led him to Germany, where he managed distribution for Germany and Eastern Europe, expanding to Poland, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, and Austria. His next challenge took him to Russia, where he led Caterpillar’s Russian business during a period of explosive growth between 2004 and 2008.

Following his successful tenure in Russia, Robert assumed leadership of Caterpillar’s backhoe loader business in Leicester, UK. Under his guidance, the business achieved significant growth by bringing business back from the US to the UK plant, optimizing volume, and enhancing economies of scale.

His role in managing high-volume production, ensuring a smoothly functioning supply chain, and learning from operational challenges, contributed to his career’s success. In 2013, he took on responsibility for Caterpillar’s underground business after Caterpillar’s acquisition of Bucyrus.

In 2020, Robert was entrusted with overseeing Caterpillar’s large mining accounts, including major players like Rio Tinto, Anglo-American, and Vale. His team managed contracts and provided essential support to these influential clients.

In addition to his extensive industry experience, Droogleever holds a Master of Science degree in Mining Engineering from Delft University of Technology. He has also completed advanced programs, including Stanford University’s Executive Program and the INSEAD International Directors Program.

Key Roles and Competencies:

· Vice President at Caterpillar.

· Board Member of the Construction Equipment Association (CEA) UK

· Steering Committee member of the Initiative for Cleaner and Safer Vehicles (ICMM initiative)

· Chairman of the Board of Caterpillar Global Mining Europe GmbH

· Proficiency in Sales and Distribution, Product Development and Manufacturing, Electrification/Energy Transition in Mining, and Leadership

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