DePIN project Chirp launches testnet to power decentralized IoT

FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 2024 – Chirp Network, a new decentralized physical Infrastructure network (DePIN), is today announcing the launch of its testnet on the Sui blockchain as it unveils a revolutionary IoT network with capabilities far outreaching other decentralized telecommunications protocols, including Helium.

Chirp is building a wireless telecommunications network using Internet of Things (IoT) technology to connect the largest number of devices with the blockchain. Following two years of work, the team is today launching its testnet with a Radio Access Network (RAN) already deployed in 30 countries. Following IoT deployment, the next phase of the project will see the Chirp team deploy mobile connectivity.

Current decentralized IoT networks like Helium’s offer connectivity for only one type of communications protocol (LoRaWAN), which significantly limits the number of users and devices that can be onboarded. Chirp, however, is a network and ecosystem that offers a full suite of services designed for the easy onboarding of most IoT devices in the market.

Chirp’s ecosystem is powered by a CPaaS platform and a multi-protocol gateway device named the ‘BlackBird’. Their pioneering gateway can connect a multitude of IoT devices, including LoRaWAN, cellular IoT, and close-range residential, and it offers the world’s first LoRa 2.4 GHz public global network. Over 1,500 IoT devices are already supported by the Chirp Network.

Chirp’s unique approach to telecommunications is informed by the decades-long experience of founder and CEO Tim Kravchunovsky.

Commenting on the launch, Kravchunovsky says: “The current state of wireless technology is fragmented; there is a myriad of technologies and protocols that are not interconnected, creating inefficiencies and limiting the potential applications of IoT and mobile technologies. With Chirp’s DePIN, we’re not just building another network but unifying these disparate systems under a single, decentralized framework.”

Kravchunovsky continues: “This allows us to offer a comprehensive wireless solution that was previously beyond the reach of traditional telecom companies. By leveraging blockchain technology, we can securely and efficiently manage various devices and data types, from LoRaWAN to cellular. This is the power of DePIN – it’s a game-changer for the industry and a major step forward in realizing the full potential of global connectivity.”

Chirp will launch its testnet on Sui, the innovative Layer 1 and smart contract platform developed by the core team behind Meta’s Diem project. Sui is uniquely positioned to enhance the speed, privacy, security, and accessibility of digital asset ownership.

Unlike its competitors, Sui employs an innovative object-centric approach that allows concurrent transaction processing. This means Sui can achieve sub-second transaction finality (typically around 480 milliseconds) and support intricate on-chain assets. Sui’s architecture is designed for horizontal scalability in processing and storage, offering unparalleled application support with exceptional speed and affordability.

Greg Siourounis, managing director of the Sui Foundation, says: “The work that Chirp has done to advance the technology underlying decentralized telecom is impressive and provides a robust foundation for the next generation of IoT networking. We are proud to work with this team and to have them as part of the growing community leveraging the industry-leading speed and scale of the Sui network to address real global challenges.”

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