Cricket Icon Yuvraj Singh and Planify join forces with Mahu Tasty Foods

New Delhi, 6th March 2024: Mahu Tasty Foods Pvt Ltd, bolstered by the formidable support of legendary Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh, is thrilled to announce India’s first pioneering integrated animal township. This revolutionary project, embodying a massive investment is poised to sprawl across 100 acres near the Delhi-NCR region. Aimed at fostering an advanced ecosystem dedicated to dairy farming, PashuPalak aspires to set new benchmarks in the domain, ensuring prosperity and growth for the local community and beyond.

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One of the driving forces behind this visionary project is the strategic partnership with Planify, a leading financial services company specializing in investment solutions. Founded by Abhishek Rao and Sanchit Tyagi, PashuPalak receives Planify’s support which has been instrumental in realizing its vision, providing critical financial support and strategic advice every step of the way.

The state-of-the-art facility will not only provide a sanctuary for over 20,000 animals but will also pave the way for significant economic growth for dairy farmers. With ‘PashuPalak’, Mahu Tasty Foods will empower 4,000 dairy farmers, facilitating their transition into entrepreneurship by establishing their own dairy farm businesses within the township.

One of the other critical objectives of the township will be producing the best quality milk and offering transparency to consumers by implementing high standards of hygiene and safety for animals’ health. There will be a centralized healthcare facility to check cattle’s health on a regular basis and consequently, to improve milk quality. As an innovative measure, ‘PashuPalak’ also endeavors to provide carbon credits directly to participating farmers, aligning with environmental sustainability goals.

Speaking for the brand, Abhishek Rao, Founder, and CEO, of Mahu Tasty Foods Private Limited said, “We believe in the strength and resilience of our farmers, and PashuPalak’s animal township is a step towards ensuring their efforts are recognized, rewarded, and realized to their full potential. Our goal is to foster a sustainable and prosperous dairy farming ecosystem, where farmers are equipped with the necessary tools, knowledge, and resources to thrive. Through this township project, we are committed to transforming the dairy industry, ensuring the highest standards of safety, hygiene, and health for cattle, and contributing to the socio-economic development of our community along with providing the best quality milk to consumers.”

Talking about the partnership, Ishima, Singla Founder, of Planify said, “Planify and Mahu Tasty Foods share the same synergies in our commitment to agriculture and dairy farming. We believe that the dairy farmer community needs our support to transform their working process to ensure quality dairy products for end consumers and raise their income levels. Therefore, we together launched PashuPalak’s first integrated animal township. We hope that our efforts in the form of the unique cattle township will have a significant impact in improving the quality of dairy products and spark another white revolution in the country.”

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