Bluechip Insights Announces Strategic Partnership with Meraki People Solutions

DALLAS—March 13, 2024—Bluechip Insights is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Meraki People Solutions, a renowned leader in HR consulting and workforce management. This partnership marks a significant step forward in delivering innovative site selection solutions that prioritize the human element.

Bluechip Insights, known for its cutting-edge platform revolutionizing site selection through data-driven insights, is joining forces with Meraki People Solutions to bring a unique perspective to the market. By combining Bluechip’s expertise in location intelligence with Meraki’s deep understanding of HR dynamics, this partnership aims to offer comprehensive solutions that address the intricate relationship between physical locations and human factors.

Through this collaboration, Bluechip Insights will leverage Meraki’s HR expertise to enhance its platform’s capabilities in evaluating employees and customers from a people perspective. By integrating Meraki’s insights into workforce demographics, behaviors, and preferences, Bluechip will empower businesses to make more informed site selection decisions that align with their HR strategies and employee needs.

“Partnering with Meraki People Solutions is a natural fit for us,” says a spokesperson for Bluechip Insights. “Their deep understanding of HR dynamics compliments our data-driven approach perfectly, allowing us to offer a holistic solution that considers both the physical and human aspects of site selection.”

Meraki People Solutions, known for its innovative HR solutions and personalized approach to workforce management, sees immense potential in the partnership with Bluechip Insights. “We are thrilled to collaborate with Bluechip Insights to bring a new dimension to site selection,” says Stephen Lavergne, CEO of Meraki People Solutions. “By combining our HR expertise with Bluechip’s powerful platform, we can help businesses make smarter decisions that prioritize their most valuable asset—their people.”

The partnership between Bluechip Insights and Meraki People Solutions opens up exciting possibilities for businesses looking to optimize their site selection strategies. From understanding employee commute patterns to tailoring workplace locations and amenities, the combined offering will provide businesses with invaluable insights to enhance employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention.

As part of the partnership, Meraki People Solutions will also serve as a reseller of Bluechip Insights’ platform, bringing its unique site selection solutions to a wider audience. This collaboration ensures that businesses across various industries can access the benefits of data-driven site selection from a people perspective, supported by the expertise of both Bluechip and Meraki.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of commercial real estate and workforce management, the partnership between Bluechip Insights and Meraki People Solutions stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in driving innovation and delivering value to businesses. Together, they are poised to shape the future of site selection, empowering businesses to thrive in an increasingly dynamic and people-centric world.

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