Bisk Farm launches delicious ‘So Sweet Coconut’ Cracker Biscuits

Kolkata, March 2024: Bisk Farm, one of India’s leading Biscuit & Bakery brands from the house of SAJ Food, known for its mouth-watering range of treats, has announced the addition of a new enticing treat ‘So Sweet Coconut’ a new addition to the cracker biscuits range. Each bite is a flavorful fusion that combines the satisfying crunch of the biscuit with the tropical sweetness of coconut.

coconut biscuit

This golden-brown, lightly crunchy cracker biscuit comes with a sugary coating, creating a harmonious blend that is generously infused with the goodness of coconut. ‘So Sweet Coconut’ is the ideal choice for daily nibbles, whether savored during a teatime treat or need a pick-me-up snack.

Commenting on the exciting new launch, Mr. Vijay Kumar Singh, Managing Director of SAJ Food Products, said, “At Bisk Farm, our dedication lies in crafting treats that not only satiate cravings but also bring joy to taste buds. With the launch of ‘So Sweet Coconut,’ we are delighted to offer a taste sensation for the whole family. This light and sweet treat is the perfect anytime snack. We believe that this new addition is sure to become a family favorite”.

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