Biovanta Joins Forces with Level Up MD Urgent Care to Provide One-Stop Cold and Flu Care


15th Feb 2024: Biovanta, the maker of over-the-counter remedies that uniquely target both the cause and symptoms of colds and flus, has forged a partnership with LevelUp MD Urgent Care.

LevelUp MD Urgent Care provide patients with easy access to prompt, first-rate medical care at seven clinics located throughout the New York tri-state area. All locations will now carry Biovanta Multi-Symptom Relief with Throat Spray and Multi-Symptom Relief with Honey Lemon Lozenges. Biovanta is the first brand to offer all-natural frontline defense against cold and flu, combat active cases, and provide multi-symptom relief. Using only all-natural bio-active ingredients, these products are clinically proven to modify inflammatory pathways underlying all major cold symptoms, strengthen barrier or mucosal immunity and provide immune-strengthening relief from cough, sore throat, runny nose and congestion.

“As the new standard in over-the-counter, at-home cold and flu defense, Biovanta is a natural extension of the care provided by the doctors at our clinics. Our sick patients appreciate the convenience of being able to purchase it right here instead of making another stop at the drugstore,” said Rey Bolic, Director of Marketing at Level Up.

“Level Up is a true thought leader in its category and we are excited to partner with them to make urgent care for cold and flu patients a one-stop proposition,” said Ellene Hu, VP of Marketing at Biovanta.

Biovanta features a proprietary immune complex that is designed to balance inflammation. The brand is the brainchild of Dr. Nazlie Latefi, a molecular biologist and prominent respiratory disease researcher who wanted to bring new science and cleaner ingredients to the existing arsenal of cold and flu remedies. It is the only brand that is scientifically and clinically proven to manage inflammation, which causes cold and flu symptoms, while also improving barrier immunity.

LevelUp MD Urgent Care was founded on the belief that everyone deserves convenient access to quality, patient-centered care delivered with compassion and comfort.

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