Banks to regain processing and acquiring control with Aevi and Silverflow alliance

Amsterdam, NL – 27th February 2024: Aevi, a leader in in-person payment orchestration, is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Silverflow, a leading cloud platform for global card processing. The partnership enables European and North American acquirers to reengage in direct payment processing, allowing them to create a modern data-driven processing proposition with an Android-lead in-person payment solution that allows banks to cater towards ISVs, offer all-in-one smartPOS products and stand-alone payments under a single unified and fully integrated processing platform at a global level.

Recognizing the need for banks to be supported in reclaiming ownership of their merchant propositions, Aevi and Silverflow offer a flexible payment acceptance infrastructure. This new seamless solution allows banks to re-establish the merchant relationship.

We are taking the payments industry forward by combining the latest in back-end and front-end payments infrastructure to enable banks to migrate off the fragmented legacy solution with a merchant proposition that can meet a variety of needs while providing real-time, cross-channel data to become a forward-thinking partner that their merchants require to succeed in an increasingly digital world.

“Banks are searching for a swift and cost-effective means to regain control over their payment offerings to merchants. Our collaboration with Aevi combines best-in-class platforms to provide banks with a compelling alternative. Our solution delivers unparalleled data, speed, and innovation, alongside a proven terminal orchestrator. By partnering with Aevi, we will revolutionize banks’ ‘endless channel’ offerings to merchants, empowering tech-minded banks to excel in the digital payment landscape.” stated Anne-Willem de Vries, CEO and co-founder of Silverflow.

This unique offering is particularly beneficial for regional banks, removing the constraints of legacy processors and enabling them to create and own their acquiring propositions. Whether forging closer relationships with their merchant base through state-of-the-art payment acceptance solutions, powering their next-generation banking services, or becoming better banking partners for indirect channel partners, the joint solution enables regional banks to reinvent their payment operations.

“The partnership is another step towards full digitization, eliminating the last remaining friction points for all industry players, ensuring that the in-person payment processes are as open and programmable as their e-commerce counterparts. Removing process limitations for clients, empowering them to harness the full potential of data, design their own checkout flows, and select partners according to their preference, will create a new industry dynamic.” said Mike Camerling, CEO of Aevi.

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