B2B Startup, Scandalous Foods Triples Production, Unveils Plans for Nashik Facility Expansion and Community Impact

Mumbai, 16th March 2024: Scandalous Foods, a one-stop shop aiming to create a category of post-meal impulse-buying consumption of Indian sweets for the restaurant & catering industry, is excited to unveil its vision for the expansion of its manufacturing facility in Nashik and its significant impact on the local community.

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The current manufacturing facility in Nashik boasts a capacity of 15 tonnes per month, with plans to scale up production to three times to 45 tonnes per month shortly. Spanning across 4200 square feet, the facility accommodates a dedicated team of approximately 15 employees, comprising a mix of contractual and payroll staff.

Nashik was strategically chosen as the location for the facility due to its proximity to Mumbai, offering more affordable real estate options, and its proximity to the dairy belt, a crucial source of raw materials for Scandalous Foods. The company has no immediate plans to build additional facilities in Nashik but aims to upgrade the existing facility further, with ongoing automation initiatives already in progress.

In terms of production, the facility currently churns out 500 kilos of sweets per day, ensuring efficient waste management through a partnership with RUCO for waste disposal. For distribution, Scandalous Foods has established partnerships with third-party logistics providers offering cold chain logistics for part truck loads, facilitating seamless transportation of products to various regions.

While Nashik presents opportunities in terms of affordability, the company faces challenges in hiring skilled labor. To address this, Scandalous Foods is committed to engaging with the local community by providing employment opportunities to contractual laborers and offering daily wage jobs to women in Nashik.

Sanket S, Co-Founder, of Scandalous Foods, expressed his enthusiasm for the company’s expansion in Nashik, stating, “Our vision extends beyond manufacturing excellence; it encompasses community engagement and development. Through our ongoing initiatives, we aim to not only enhance our production capabilities but also make a positive impact on the lives of individuals in Nashik.”

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