AtData to Unveil Domain Risk Score at Merchant Risk Council 2024 Conference

DEDHAM, Mass., March 13, 2024 — AtData, a leading provider of data-driven solutions for fraud detection and prevention, today announced the launch of its innovative Domain Risk Score which it will showcase at MRC Vegas, Merchant Risk Council’s annual conference March 25-28, 2024. With nearly 100,000 new high-risk email domains emerging daily, businesses that rely on digital commerce need to be able to distinguish legitimate from fraudulent purchases in near real time.

“We found that over 40% of high-risk email domains would disappear after just a few weeks, leaving traditional payment fraud detection methods lagging behind,” said Diarmuid Thoma, AtData’s Vice President of Fraud & Data Strategy. “What distinguishes our Domain Risk Score is its ability to offer instant classification and tracking of email domains the moment they go active. And in digital commerce, timing is crucial.”

The AtData Domain Risk Score is a proprietary scoring system leveraging advanced algorithms and data analytics to assess the credibility and trustworthiness of email domains involved in online transactions. By evaluating various factors such as domain age, reputation, and historical activity, the Domain Risk Score provides merchants with invaluable insight to make informed decisions and mitigate potential risks more effectively.

During the MRC Vegas Conference on March 27, AtData will participate in a panel, “Breaking the Mold: Revolutionizing Risk Mitigation for Maximum Payment Efficiency.” Thoma will join fraud prevention industry leaders from Optimized Payments, Sony and Visa for a discussion on the evolving landscape of the payment authorization process including dynamic fraud prevention to mitigate risks and preserve the integrity of online transactions.

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