AskHandle Debuts Codeless RAG

New York, NY, April 1, 2024 –AskHandle, a leader in AI-powered customer support, has long been at the forefront of leveraging advanced generative AI to enhance efficiency and productivity within organizations. With the introduction of Codeless RAG, AskHandle is setting a new standard for how businesses interact with AI technology. This innovation brings a newfound level of ease and accessibility to businesses looking to leverage AI’s power without the traditional complexities.

The uniqueness of Codeless Rag lies in its ability to harness the full capabilities of traditional retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) without the complexity and barrier of coding or customizations. Organizations can now simply integrate their data into AskHandle’s data sources, and the chatbot will intelligently generate responses based on relevant information from the provided data sources. This seamless integration ensures that organizations can effortlessly deliver personalized, accurate, and contextually relevant responses to customer inquiries.

“Codeless RAG is a transformative tool that democratizes access to advanced AI capabilities,” said Nick Kljaic, CEO at AskHandle. “By eliminating the setup costs and complexities that came with regular RAG, we’re opening up a world of possibilities for organizations of all sizes to enhance their operations and improve customer support.”

Key Attributes of AskHandle’s Codeless RAG

Codeless RAG allows businesses to deploy AI-powered chatbots seamlessly, without any need for tech expertise. By simply uploading documents in various formats, including Word Docs, PDFs, and Excel files, companies can provide personalized customer support, within minutes.

This fully automated solution streamlines customer inquiries quickly and efficiently, distinguishing AskHandle from traditional support methods reliant on human agents. With support for over 90 languages and availability across multiple channels like web messenger and WhatsApp, AskHandle offers a scalable and versatile solution for businesses seeking to enhance their customer support without additional manual labor or staffing.

In its dedication to enabling businesses to capitalize on AI technology, AskHandle’s launch of Codeless RAG reinforces its commitment to delivering powerful, accessible solutions that streamline workflows and enhance AI engagements across all sectors.

“We believe that the future of AI is not just in its power, but in its accessibility,” Nick Kljaic added. “With Codeless RAG, we’re one step closer to making cutting-edge AI a powerful tool that everyone can use to their advantage.”

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