Arkisys™ Teams with GATE Space to explore modular in-space Propulsion

LOS ALAMITOS, CA. (Mar. 20, 2024) – Arkisys™, a forward-thinking provider of new space solutions for scalable platforms and new Space applications is proud to work with GATE Space on unique propulsion modules to enable on-demand in-space propulsion from Arkisys Ports. GATE Space is developing a series of independent, bolt-on propulsion modules for various sizes of spacecraft needs that can support both unique modular reaction control systems and augmentative ΔV on orbit. Arkisys is currently using its in-house, full-scale testbed to understand how modular propulsion systems can be manipulated, validated, and provide “bolt-on” capability to any in-space customer, using the long duration Port platform’s robotics.

GATE Space is one in a host of companies exploring modular “on demand” DV for in space applications. GATE’s unique JetPackTM modules are sized to support both Arkisys unique moveable RCS requirements to allow constant growth to the Port’s stability needs, and through Arkisys interfaces the ability to be “bolted-on” to other spacecraft on-orbit to offer on demand maneuverability.

“GATE’s modularity in propulsion is directly in line with Arkisys’s aggregatable approach to in-space infrastructure: reusable and add-on functionality for customers in orbit,” says Dr. Rahul Rughani, Chief Systems Engineer at Arkisys. “The Port architecture is designed to incorporate modular moveable RCS and propulsion modules, to enable constant stability and maneuverability on each of our platforms as our orbital Port’s grow in scale and performance.”

GATE Space is able to provide unique, scalable, and high thrust propulsion modules for in-orbit transfer, orbit raise and maneuverability requirements for customers from launch and in space. Moritz Novak, GATEs Founder and CEO, says “We’re thrilled to support Arkisys’ missions and architecture development in changing the way traditional maneuverability and stability in space is handled. This partnership with Arkisys is an exciting step for expanding GATE’s concept of modular propulsion to transform the way movement in orbit is viewed, with the hope to empower New Space companies’ ability to utilize on-demand maneuverability services, even after they launch to orbit.”

Both companies look forward to the internal testing and exploration of how to integrate independent high-thrust propulsion modules and validation for dynamic space maneuverability in the coming months.

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