Southco Introduces New R4-50 Heavy-Duty Electronic Rotary Latch with Integrated Sensor


28th Mar 2024: Southco has introduced a new R4-50 Heavy-Duty Electronic Rotary Latch with an integrated sensor and sealed electronic actuation, expanding its rotary latch line with options offering increased security and remote access control for demanding environments.

Offering high security, quick actuation speed, and exceptional cycle life, the latest addition to the Heavy-Duty Rotary Latch line is designed for applications where durability and reliability are critical. As an FMVSS 206 capable solution for high-strength door retention, the R4-50 is made for last-mile delivery applications where constant use and unpredictable conditions are the norm.

The new R4-50 combines these traits with electronic actuation and monitoring to verify door security. The latch actuates reliably under high loads in under one second, and electronic access technology gives users convenient remote control actuation at all times. The integrated sensor communicates when the latch is closed and the door striker is present to confirm that the door is secured. The entire electronic actuation system is sealed to protect against environmental conditions.

All of this comes in a device built to last. With a cycle life five times longer than other electronic rotary latches, the R4-50 Heavy-Duty Rotary Latch will be a reliable solution for years after installation, even in the most demanding environments.

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