Dream Pairs Launches Heartwarming Campaign to Empower The Bronx Community

New York – March 21, 2024 – Dream Pairs, the esteemed Amazon footwear brand, is igniting hope and change in The Bronx with its groundbreaking “Dream Pairs <3 The Bronx” campaign. This heartwarming initiative not only seeks to provide essential footwear but also shines a spotlight on the pressing social issues of poverty and inequality gripping the borough. Through its first brick-and-mortar retail store located in the Bronx, Dream Pairs is making a tangible impact on the community it serves.

“At Dream Pairs, we believe in the power of giving back to the community that has embraced us,” says Jimmy Lau, VP of brand marketing at Dream Pairs. “Our ‘Dream Pairs <3 The Bronx’ campaign is a testament to our commitment to ensuring that everyone, regardless of their economic circumstances, has access to quality footwear.”

Dream Pairs


The grand opening of the Dream Pairs store in the Bronx wasn’t just another retail event — it was a beacon of hope for residents seeking quality and fashion-forward shoes at accessible prices. Nestled within the bustling Bay Plaza Shopping Center, the store quickly became a symbol of empowerment and inclusion, offering a diverse range of affordable, high-quality, stylish footwear options for all ages and occasions. Dream Pairs, along with its sub-brands Bruno Marc, NORTIV 8, and Dream Pairs Kids, caters to various audiences with different needs, ensuring a comprehensive range of footwear choices for everyone.

Partnering with local schools, including The Equality Charter School, PS 160 Walt Disney Schools, and PS 168, Dream Pairs is spearheading initiatives to address the footwear needs of students and teachers. In a concerted effort to support the community, Dream Pairs is providing over 1,000 vouchers to staff and students across these three schools. These vouchers empower recipients to select a pair of shoes of their choice from Dream Pairs’ diverse range of offerings, ensuring that they receive footwear that not only meets their practical needs but also reflects their personal style preferences. Through this initiative, Dream Pairs reaffirms its commitment to fostering positive change within the education sector and contributing to the well-being and confidence of students and educators alike.

“Thank you so much for providing our students with this amazing opportunity. Not only did our students get to pick out and take home a brand-new pair of shoes but this allowed a rich real-world experience. The staff at Dream Pairs was extremely helpful and welcoming to our students and they were thrilled to be there. This trip brought so much joy to P168X staff, students, and families and we are all forever grateful.” says Gina Alt, Assistant Principal at PS168, an elementary school for students with special needs.

Additionally, Eric Morales, Dean at PS168, echoes this sentiment, expressing his gratitude for Dream Pairs “This is the first time in my thirty-two years as an educator that a company has reached out to us to give our students such an amazing gift. The staff was very welcoming and accommodating to our students of different abilities. Thank you Dream Pairs!”

Furthermore, Dream Pairs has teamed up with the Coalition for The Homeless, a respected organization committed to assisting the unhoused population. Together, they’re undertaking a compassionate initiative, providing essential winter boots and sneakers to over 400 individuals in the Bronx area. In the face of biting winter temperatures, this act of kindness offers not only warmth but also a glimmer of hope for those experiencing homelessness. This partnership between Dream Pairs and the Coalition for The Homeless underscores their shared dedication to supporting vulnerable communities and addressing systemic issues of poverty and homelessness. By extending a helping hand and providing essential footwear, they are not only offering immediate relief but also fostering a sense of dignity and empowerment among those in need.

Recent statistics reveal that the poverty rate in the Bronx stands at 30.0%, highlighting the urgent need for community support and resources. Through “Dream Pairs <3 The Bronx,” Dream Pairs is taking proactive steps to address these social issues, advocating for change and fostering hope in underserved communities.

“We are so grateful to Dream Pairs for the very generous donation of more than 400 pairs of boots for the homeless individuals we serve each day at the Coalition for the Homeless.” says David Griffen , Executive Director of the Coalition for The Homeless. “For those struggling without even a roof over their heads in our city, something as simple as a good pair of shoes or boots makes a huge difference in their lives, and also lets them know that someone cares. A huge thanks to Dream Pairs for their compassion and generosity!”

This campaign isn’t just about footwear — it’s about making a meaningful difference in the lives of Bronx residents. By leveraging its platform to address pressing social issues, Dream Pairs is championing the values of inclusivity, empathy, and social responsibility. Through “Dream Pairs <3 The Bronx,” Dream Pairs is not only providing essential footwear but also fostering hope, dignity, and humanity in underserved communities. Through their commitment to social impact, they are not only providing essential resources but also empowering individuals and igniting a sense of collective responsibility towards building a brighter future for all.

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